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For over 35 years Classy Closets has been creating custom home storage solutions that are both beautiful and functional. You shouldn’t have to choose between one or the other, so we’ve adopted a belief that you don’t! Whether you are in search of the perfect master closet, kitchen, home office or garage at Classy Closets, we do it all!
Each custom closet design is created specifically for your space, your home, and your life. After scheduling your free in-home consultation with Classy Closets, one of our professional designers will meet with you and discuss your wants and needs. They will assess your space and discuss our many design options with you. You can choose from a selection of materials, colors, styles, finishes, and hardware. At Classy Closets the possibilities are truly endless!
Each of our custom home interior projects is expertly designed and crafted to help your life run a little smoother. Whether it’s finding things in the same place every time you look for it, enjoying the beauty of your home a little more or keeping you organized, we find joy in making you happy. We look forward to meeting with you and designing the storage solution of your dreams!
Quality: Each of our designs is created using high-quality materials and hardware. Whether you choose to execute your project in solid wood or laminate, you can be assured that you are receiving the best for your home.
Proper Fit: Your home is unique and your storage solution needs to be as well – a Classy Closets storage solution isn’t one size fits all. We make sure your built-in project fits tightly where it should, and that the right accessories and hardware are used to make it a perfect fit.
Custom Designs: Choose from a selection of materials, finishes, designs, and accessories. Solutions That Last: We don’t design storage solutions that will wear out in a few years. When you invest in Classy Closets, you can be sure that your storage solution will stand the test of time.
At Classy Closets, our biggest priority is you. We want to make sure that you’re happy with your custom storage solution. Once you schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our professional designers, you’re sure to see the Classy Closets difference.

We want to make sure that you’re happy with your custom storage solution.
We Design, Layout, and install Commercial Office Workspaces.
We have design ideas for any commercial property. Our professional design team can provide custom design option for your commercial real estate project. From Federal, State or Private commercial office buildings, Restaurants, etc. We’ll generate ideas for the perfect layout that improves the productivity of your workspace or office. Our team of experts will layout a floor plan for the complete commercial office planning; from the private areas, shared spaces, meeting areas, and even the individual desks. We’ll even give you ideas for adding accessories that will enhance the functionality of your commercial office and workspaces.

Classy Closets also provides custom storage solutions for every commercial office. If your workspace needs a facelift, is failing to inspire, or even if you’re building a new office; Classy Closets professional designers can create the perfect workspace for your company. Each unique company and commercial office will need different layouts, materials, and accessories, and at Classy Closets everything we do is custom. Consider these options for your commercial office space:

Custom Work Space Layout: We’ll provide you with office space designs for the perfect workspace flow; From where you want your desks or even the printer. Everything designed and laid out to meet your preferences.
Custom Desk Space: Whether you’re in need of an oversized desk with lots of storage or multiple small cubbies, each of our desks has a custom space and custom design.
Work Space Accessories: Need built-in printer storage or a pull-out wastebasket? No matter your workspace accessory needs, Classy Closets has you covered.

We look forward to working with you and creating your new custom commercial office. Schedule an appointment with one of our professional designers today!
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