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It’s Time for an upgrade in your Laundry Room…

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Is it any wonder that people dread doing laundry when they have to work in a room that feels like a cave? How many piles of clothing can you stumble over getting to the dryer? Did you run that load twice because you put off going back into that dingy room and then forgot about it?

At Classy Closets Utah, we excel at blending form with function in creating beautiful and organized laundry rooms.

A custom laundry room can mean anything from built-in sorting bins, a deep soaking sink or an innovative layout to accommodate a double washer/ dryer for extra-large families. Would you like a raised granite countertop at the perfect height for folding? We can add extra deep drawers for soap and supplies, install a space-saving drop-down ironing board, drying racks for delicates, and adjustable shelving for items awaiting pickup.

Stop waiting and start the long-needed upgrade in your Laundry Room today!

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