How 2 Organize Your Garage or Workshop

Help Your Dad or Grad Organize their Garage or Workshop

By Sue Crum, Professional Organizing Coach, Author and Speaker

A Unique Gift Idea…

Summertime – when the living is easy. Or so the song goes. As we celebrate grads and dads all over the country, sometimes the best gifts to give are the simplest ones, right in front of us.

Is your family stuck storing cars in the driveway or on the street?

Are you quietly stashing rolls and rolls of toilet paper and paper towels from the big box stores in your garage while your expensive vehicles remain outside because of no room?

Do you or the dads and grads in your life dream of someday – one day – actually getting one or two cars back inside the garage (which was built to hold automobiles)?

How about having a workshop with an organized work bench and area to get to those easy to do “Honey-Do” items, if only you could reach them and easily gather the tools and supplies to repair those projects in a jiffy?

Maybe this is THE summer to create the garage space or workshop the dad in your life deserves!

The best gifts to give one another are Gifts of Time! Clearing out garages and organizing workshop areas DO take time, but the outcome when those projects are complete and all the “keepers” have been assigned a home is PRICELESS!

Whether you are planning to install a great garage system from Classy Closets (and I hope you are) or are not ready to make that decision just yet there are several steps you can take right now, this summer, while our days are longer and our energy is high.

Three Steps for Organizing Garages & Workshops


Imagine how you want to FEEL when you walk into the garage or workshop area AFTER it is all de-cluttered and organized. Take out a notebook and pen and before you start to write down anything, get a picture in your mind of how the space will look and how you will feel each time you will be able to enter that future space. Now write a paragraph describing in detail the space, the different zones you want to have, the vehicle or vehicles you imagine being in that space, the projects you want to complete for yourself and others.


Think ZONES – what kinds of items do you have that you use and need access to them? Some families have a lot of summer sports items; other families are big on winter sports; and of course, many of us have sports equipment for all months of the year. Think about you and your family’s needs. Are you giving away a lot of garage real estate space to sports items that family members have outgrown or just don’t use? Have you hung onto a lot of gardening supplies or snow removal equipment, yet you employ outside professionals to take care of those needs? Did you launch some of your children, yet they decided to leave behind their stuff?

While thinking of zones for your space, be sure and look up – look up – look up! Vertical space in a garage or workshop area is crucial to the success of maximizing your space. What items can be hung on the walls of the space or over the workbench? Give consideration to creating a storage loft for those once a year items, like holiday decorations. This can be easily accomplished with 3/4 inch plywood in the rafters. There are also some very efficient storage systems for organizing your Sports Equipment, Workshop Tools and Gardening Tools & Accessories that help you utilize every bit of available storage space so cars can fit in the garage too!

Omni Track Sports Accessories
Omni Track Tools Accessories


When planning on a de-cluttering/organizing garage project, in a perfect world, it’s best after doing steps one and two, to have a TEAM APPROACH. This is especially helpful if many of the stored items belong to other family members. Getting their buy-in and participation can be crucial to the success of the project. Schedule a large block of time and get everyone to calendar this in. Look at what the large items are in the space. Are these Garage Organization Ideasthings that no longer are being used by you? Can they be donated? Or do you need to order a dumpster? Do you want to consider a garage sale if you have many “great items” that you think others would be interested in? Be sure and plan plenty of water and protein snacks to keep your team engaged. The very best is to empty the whole space and only return to the garage the real keepers.

Sometimes a team approach is not possible. For those individuals I suggest starting small, if it’s just you – by yourself. After doing steps one and two, pick one category or zone as your first focus. For example, this could be gardening supplies and equipment. Get everything from one category together and decide which items you really want to keep and “release to the universe” all the rest. Once you have completed one category, on a different day move onto another category, such as sports equipment. This approach obviously takes much longer than the team approach but is still doable.

Before and After Photos

Be sure and take Before and After photos of your de-cluttering projects. Keep in mind your vision of how you want to use the space and how you want to feel in it!

Giving a Gift of Time can create the best present for that someone special in your life – even if that someone special is YOU!

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Sue Crum

Professional Organizing Coach

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