3 Ideas for Saving Money on Storage Units

Save Money on Storage

Start Saving Money on Storage

Looking around your home, have you ever entertained the thought, “I have just too many things and no place to put them?” I, and nearly everyone else I know, has thought the same thing at different times. Your items may range from Holiday Décor, Seasonal Clothing, or Seasonal things like camping gear or recreational hobby equipment. You may have furniture that you are also storing for “sometime in the future.”

The truth of the matter is… these items can include almost anything. We all struggle to find a place to store things that we don’t need all the time. Our homes may look cluttered with every nook and cranny full, or a storage unit is rented to store the excess. Both of these can drain you mentally and emotionally, as well as hitting you in the wallet.

Storage units can prove to be costly. If you want to cut down on the amount you are spending on storage units, you will need to eliminate items in your storage unit or clear out some additional storage areas within your home.  Our goal is to give you some tips that will help you both utilize the space in your home more effectively so that you can lower the cost of renting a storage unit, or eliminate the cost entirely.

Let’s Look at the Garage

Have you thought about all the space you have in your garage? My garage is often full of everything but my cars.  How about yours?  So many people aren’t even able to put their cars in their garage any longer because it is so full of unorganized “stuff” that their cars won’t fit!  With the help of Classy Closet’s Professional Designers you could be parking your cars in the garage AND possibly even eliminate paying for a storage unit, if you use your space more efficiently!

Garage Storage OrganizedMost garages are full of unused space!  Garages with their high ceilings and tall walls offer an abundance of storage space options that are going unused.  Our Professional Design Experts will personally come to your home and carefully analyze your space. Then they will create a custom organization solution for your garage and/or home specific to your needs.

We guarantee that you will love what they create for you and the cost to bring your design to life will be a one-time fee; eliminating the monthly recurring cost of a storage unit that is now completely unnecessary!

The wonderful thing about Classy Closets is everything is customized for your wants and needs. We have wall shelving, over-head storage racks, Omni track storage systems for hanging your bikes, skis, sporting equipment and even your gardening tools. Your personal designer can help you maximize the use of your garage space.

When your masterpiece is finished, you will be able to store everything you need in an organized efficient way that makes sense. Not only will it be appealing to the eye…. You’ll be able to use all the things that you couldn’t ever find because everything was so buried in your piles and stacks!  You will be the envy of your family and friends!

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Doubling Your Space

Organize Closets and StorageSome other underutilized storage areas may be closets, basements, attics, and even crawl spaces. It is worth taking the time to go through these areas of your home and sort through things.  If you take the time to do it even once, it will save you tons of time and frustration later; not to mention all those items you end up repurchasing because you can’t find things when you need them!  Reorganizing all the things you currently have stuffed into those spaces by sorting, restacking and even eliminating unnecessary items can bring huge relief as well as creating more usable space that allows you to downsize or entirely get rid of the need for a commercial storage unit.

Shelving, bins and racks can also be used to create more space and organization. These spaces that are being so ineffectively used right now can be designed to double your usable space and make finding what you need, when you need it, easy. Classy Closets can turn these into functional areas that put a smile on your face. Some of these simple measures are worth the time and the initial cost when it allows you to have everything in your own home and not stored somewhere that makes it inconvenient to use.

Ridding Yourself of Junk

I have found it very hard to be objective when deciding what is needed and what should be thrown away. For me, sentimental feelings get in the way. Those baby clothes that have been sitting in storage for several years and more than likely are not going to be needed again can be difficult to let go when there are memories attached to them. That favorite outfit you have kept until you can fit back into it… Chances are that by the time you can, you moreRidding Yourself of Junk than likely will want a something new or more in style.

As you go through your things, you can sort them into piles. One for garage sales, one for keeping, and one for donating. The money you make in your garage sale can be put towards organizing your home and garage so that everything fits in a neat, orderly manner. I know from my own personal experience that as you loo
k at the area that once made you want to cry, now you will now be filled with peace of mind.  Getting organized will give you a huge sense of accomplishment and make you want to invite those you love to come and celebrate your results. The money you save by maximizin
g your space will bring a smile to your face and heart…and all that extra space you have created and organized will make it easier to store everything at home and stop paying for a storage unit…or at least move to a smaller, less expensive one!

Hopefully these 3 tips will help you cut your monthly storage costs and keep more money in your pocket while also providing more peace of mind!  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of going through everything yourself, we can connect you with a Personal Organizer who specializes in helping you sort through all that stuff that is sucking your energy and your life away.  We will not only provide a FREE Professional Designer to make your space more usable… with a minimum purchase with Classy Closets we will also provide one hour FREE with a Personal Organizer who will assist you in knowing where to start when sorting through years of disorganized chaos.  Just Click Here for Details!

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