The Perfect Valentine Gift That Lasts Forever…

Classic Diamond Plate Garage Storage

The perfect Valentine Gift…  Have you ever walked in your garage and felt discouraged? Bikes, lawn mowers, gardening tools, camping gear, everything under the sun BUT your car.

Your garage looks more like a war zone or the local landfill than a place to park your car.

Classy Closets can help you! One of our professional designers can come Free of charge to help transform your garage into a place of perfection.  This FREE CONSULTATION is a start to giving the Perfect Valentine Gift!

Complete Cabinet Customization

Classic-White-Garage Storage and Closets
Classic-Gray-Garage Storage System

Classy Closets has a wide variety of cabinet options; Size, Color, Finishes, Shapes, Shelves, Drawers, Workbenches, Pegboards and Hooks.  You name it… We’ve got it! Our Professional Designers can create pretty much whatever you can image!  We Guarantee that if you can Dream it…. We can build it!

One of our special features is our adjustable shelves. This along with custom depths and heights make all the difference. Finding, or creating, just the right spot for all your tools, gear and equipment!  No limited options, or pre-packaged limitations…. Customization is Our Specialty!

Another option to complete your look is whether you add toe-kicks, or having your cabinets all the way to the floor.  For garages, there is even an option of putting the cabinets on feet, instead of directly on the ground, to help protect your things from water damage. Whether you put your cabinets on feet, or on the ground with toe-kicks, both will give your special project the dynamite finished look you want.

Racing Theme Garage Organization

Add a Workbench or Omni-Track to Your Custom Garage

Maybe you would love to add a built-in work station to your cabinets. Adding omni tracks to hang everything you need from tools to bicycles, keeps things off the ground, organized and easily accessible anytime you are ready to use them. This would be the best gift for the love of your life. Just imagine how excited he (or she) will be when they home to see something like this:

Garage Storage Omni-Track Accessories

Clean, Organized, FABULOUS!!!

If you want to let that special someone choose everything themselves, but still want to surprise that wonderful person in your life, then get them a GIFT CERTIFICATE and then they can go a little crazy (or make our Designers go a little crazy) telling one of our Designer Experts exactly what they want!  And we also create amazing Custom Closets, Entertainment Center, Built-in Office Shelves and Desks, Pantries, Utility Rooms and more!  Don’t forget… You Dream it, we Build it!

We look forward to helping make your lives happier and more organized!

We help you get your LIFE. ORGANIZED. ®

Call us and Order Your GIFT CERTIFICATE or Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with One of Our Design Team Today!