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Time to Get Kids Organized for School

We’re thinking Mudrooms… Summer coming to an end is always a bitter-sweet time of the year. It’s sad because, let’s be honest, another summer is over. No more vacations and lots of time spent out in the sun. Sweet, because the kids go back to school!

Yeah! Now there’s some time to focus on getting your home and life organized again… and time to help get the kids organized and back into “school mode” too!
It’s always challenging to switch gears and get ready for a new school year, but sometimes it’s a relief as well. Now it’s time to get the kids on a schedule and on good routines! One of the best back to school organizationroutines you can get your kids on, that will save a Mom’s sanity, is the old adage “Everything in its place makes a Happy Home.” You can eliminate some of the daily chaos by having a specific place for kids to put everything from their school day as soon as they walk in the door! Hanging their jackets up, putting their backpack away, taking their shoes off and knowing where to stash their lunchbox is a start! This eliminates the mess (and the lost homework and moldy leftovers) if everything is put away as soon as your kids come through the door.

Part of this process is getting your Mudroom or Entryway organized. We need to get this area organized so that when the kids get home from school it doesn’t look like a bomb went off in the house! Having an organized area that the kids know how to utilize will help you Moms get excited that the kids are home… and not have you wishing that school lasted a little longer. Here are a couple of ideas that may help eliminate the chaos.

You may have a mudroom in your garage, by the back door, or even in the front Entry Way of your home.  How nice would it be to have this area custom designed to preserve a Mom’s sanity and create a healthy routine for when kids get home from school?

When your little ones walk in with the outside world on the bottom of their feet… the outside stays right there.  Studies actually show that even though kids might test boundaries and push back when you are trying to establish a routine, that ultimately they feel safer, happier and more secure when healthy routines are part of their lives.  Not to mention that the routines you establish for your children remove a LOT of stress from your life as well.

Just imagine your little angels coming through the door, removing their shoes and stowing them in the proper place, hanging up their jacket on their own special hook (maybe even decoratively labeled with their very own name), then placing their backpack in their very own cubby, and giving you a big hug after they’ve put their lunchbox on the counter next to the sink. Sounds like Heaven right?

There are all kinds of ways to create that little slice of Heaven in your home.  You can build a bench to sit on when removing shoes, with a place to slide their shoes neatly under the bench.  You can build custom cubby holes for each kid, or for special items; use stylish hooks that are hung at just the right height for little hands to reach, shelves and racks, and any number of other custom features can be created to eliminate the chaos.  Our Professional Designers can draw up whatever you can imagine… and even some things you might never have thought of yourself.  Not only will this create a functional area for all those items that usually end up on the floor, but it is a clever way to organize and use space in an attractive way that adds to the value of your home.

Creative Ways to Organize Entryways

Custom Entryway

You may be saying, “Well I don’t have a mudroom.”  That’s okay!  We can just as easily organize the Entryway of your Home in a way that effectively utilizes the space while still maintaining a welcoming atmosphere. The entryway is just that, the entry into the heart of your home.  Family, friends, and guests will be amazed at what you can do with this area.

Just as with a mudroom, you can design the space specific to YOUR needs. You may want a stylish bench area with a cabinet on each side and a mirror mounted on the wall to make the space seem bigger.  You can choose beautiful, handcrafted hooks above the bench with a shelf above that to place decorative items on.  Are you trying to create more storage space in this area, or just create a space that cleverly organizes what would otherwise be a mess as guests enter your home.  There are so many creative ways to design an Entryway that both utilizes the space effectively, while still fitting into the overall décor of your home.  The type of hooks or cabinetry you choose can create an elegant, sophisticated entrance to your home, or a warm and casual welcome.  There are endless ideas and different styles of decor for every space.

If you’d like help transforming your space, Classy Closets offers a Free Consultation with one of our Professional Designers to help you create just what you are dreaming about.  Our Designers can bring your ideas to life in ways you may not have imagined.  They can also help you make decisions and prioritize your needs to fit your budget once they understand exactly what you are looking for.  Either way, you will have a wonderful eye catching, personalized area that will welcome those that walk through your front door.

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