Make Your Mother’s Day Gift Be a Dream Come True

Help Her Feel Like a Queen on Mother’s Day

Mother Queen of Love

Sometimes Mom wants to run away and hide in the closet… the only place she can be alone for a few minutes to close her eyes and imagine herself far, far away as the Queen in a castle where servants would cook and clean, chase the children and even rub her tired feet.

Servants would gather up all the toys and put them away in the toy chests and cupboards where they belong so she wouldn’t trip over them. Servants would wash and put away all the clothes left strewn across the castle. Servants would gather up all the books and homework and place them in the neat little built-in children’s desk and on the library shelves. Servants would do all of that while she perhaps paints a portrait of Bowser, or designs her own royal jewelry while she is hidden away in her very own craft room with all the shelves and drawers and cabinets she wished for. Or perhaps she would recline in a chaise within her cavernous custom closet contemplating which of her many gowns she would wear to the next party. Or perhaps she would sit next to the French doors in the office/library and have a quiet, peaceful read. Yes… Mother’s have Dreams too! And now you can bring her dreams to life and make your home a castle fit for a Queen!

Tired Mama

Custom Built to Make Mom’s Dreams Come True

No more need to close her eyes and fantasize about that dream closet, perfect craft room or office/library where everything is organized and in it’s place… you can make it all come true with a single phone call to us at Classy Closets! You can schedule a FREE Consultation with one of our Professional Designers who will help you design the perfect surprise, or even better… give Mom a Gift Certificate to Classy Closets and let her work with one of our Design Experts to create it exactly as she wishes with every personal touch she desires. You can be the Knight in Shining Armor that makes all her wishes come true!

Custom Touches Fit for a Queen

One of our Designers can help transform your disastrous messy master closet with a makeover fit for a Queen. Check out just a few of the delightful touches she might wish for with these custom closet accessories that make all the difference:
…. Customization is Our Specialty!

Custom Closet Accessory Ideas

Valet Rods & Pull-Outs

Valet Rods and Pull-Outs are our most popular accessory! This is a nice add on to hang freshly ironed shirts, pants, or ball gowns. It can be used for hanging up outfits picked out for the next day, as a place to steam the wrinkles out of clothes, for hanging things to dry before putting them away, or for hanging those new purchases for her next tea party.

Pants Hanger

Clean, Organized, FABULOUS!!!

Custom Jewelry, Scarves, Accessories, Socks and Tie Drawers, Baskets and Pull out Racks



Now while she’s got her beautiful new outfit hanging on the valet rod, she can have some fun picking out her easy-to-find accessories to match her outfit. She might open one custom drawer that holds all of her beautiful jewelry carefully stored away in special velvet or cedar lined compartments; complete with a lock to keep the royal jewels safe and sound. She might slide open a custom drawer with dividers for socks, ties, hair accessories, scarves and anything else she could imagine. Or perhaps she will select a beautiful silky scarf from the pull-out scarf holder which allows her to hang all their silken glory in an organized, easy to see manner; non-wrinkled and ready to go.

Scarf, Belt,Tie Racks, Lingerie Drawers and many more…

Closet Scarf-Rack

Custom Designed Cubbies, Nooks and Hooks

Need a hat to match her outfit for the races? Classy Closets can design custom cubbies, or we have beautifully designed hooks to hang them on. These hooks can be used for more than just your hat or a robe. They can be used for purses, bags, jackets, shawls, jewelry or anything else you might accessorize with! Your imagination is the limit. Hooks are a fantastic way to organize and create more space for all those miscellaneous extras that a Queen needs for grab and go.


Shoe Organizers

What Queen could live without a special place to organize all those shoes, boots and magic slippers? Classy Closets can custom design a space for these and add a shoe fence or shoe rack to keep you organized and prevent that glass slipper from disappearing or getting broken, chewed or stepped on.


Pant Hangers and Pant Racks

And of course, any Queen knows that pant hangers are the only suitable way to store your slacks… a Queen’s (or King’s) are never folded and stuffed into a dresser drawer to become wrinkled. Your pants will be nice and organized in your closet; easy-to-find, wrinkle free, and ready to wear on those impulsive royal adventures.


Custom Closet Wardrobe Pull-Down Bars

Another Royal favorite is the closet wardrobe pull-down bar. A pull-down bar is a great place to put your seasonal wardrobe. These bars really stretch your available space as they are created to hang high above the upper-most shelves in your Royal Closet providing additional storage space for hanging things. There is a handy hook that reaches up and pulls the bar down to your level when you wish to access it. Perfect for a large wardrobe, seasonal wardrobe… and even for if you have a “Queen Mother or Mother-in-Law” who perhaps isn’t as spry as she used to be and now gets around on wheels; she can easily pull the closet rod down to where she can better reach it.

Hidden Built-In Laundry Hampers

Now a Queen’s closet and/or bedroom must always be neat and clean with as little fuss as possible, so a convenient hidden laundry hamper is perfect for keeping dirty laundry off the floor and out-of-sight. Our Professional Designers at Classy Closets can help design a space for them in your closet, built-in dresser, laundry room or anywhere her queenly heart desires. Convenient built-in, easy to pull out hidden laundry hampers come in wire or canvas.

Merano White with Hampers

Hidden Built-In Ironing Boards

One last item that any Queen will love is a hidden ironing board. No Queen wants to get caught ironing, or have any hint of manual labor visible, so we hide it in a cabinet casing. The cabinet face folds down and you slide the ironing board out and unfold it. You then can pivot the board to any angle needed. Once you are finished using it, just fold it back up, slide it back into the drawer, and close the drawer face. What’s nice about this ironing board is it’s small and convenient, and can be placed anywhere in your castle. Few people iron their clothes all at once anymore, and so this ironing board is the perfect addition to any closet so you (or your servants) can iron a single item or make quick little fixes and then put it away without the hassle of setting up a traditional ironing board. Or maybe if your Queen does like to iron everything at once while with the family in front of the TV, this easy to access, built-in, swiveling ironing board can even be put in the family room.

Ironing Board A
Ironing Board B

Endless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day Gift-BoxesThese are just a few of the accessories Classy Closets offers that are fit for your Castle! Our Professional Design team has even more creative ideas not just for closets! What about an incredible craft room, pantry or laundry/utility room, mud room, built-in entertainment center, office/library or even the garage? The possibilities are endless! Just give us a call and we will send a professional out for a FREE Consultation for Mother’s Day! Whether you want to surprise your special lady with the completed project, or you want to let her choose everything herself, just call for an appointment or to purchase a Gift Certificate and we will make you look like a King!

Limited Time Mother’s Day Special Offer

And for a Limited Time, with a minimum purchase amount we will also include a FREE BASIC CLOSET (valued at $350) and a FREE One Hour Consultation with a Professional Organizer along with your FREE Consultation with one of our Design Experts. Now that’s Value and Peace of Mind!

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