Say Goodbye to 2017

Welcoming the New Year 2018

Welcome to the New Year 2018

Time flies! Can you believe 2017 has come to an end? What things do you remember most looking back on the past year?

If you could live any moment over what would it be? Mine would be any of them spent with this big guy, my precious love bug, Max.

Black Lab

November 2008 – January 2017

Black-Lab in the Lake

Rest in peace Max

New Year Resolutions

What are your New Year resolutions, do you have any? The most popular resolution is always to get healthier. Do you know another one of the most common resolutions is? To get organized. At Classy Closets, our mission statement is “Life. Organized.” It is safe to say we know a thing or two about being organized. We don’t just do closet storage solutions! We can help you with storage solutions any area in your home. We custom design, cut, and install everything. That means even difficult spaces are something we can help provide you with solutions!  We work with you, to meet your needs while maximizing your space.   We offer a large variety of colors and finishes.

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White Home Kitchen Pantry

We make it convenient to stay organized

You can alter our designs even after being installed. Our shelves are adjustable. Our rods and shelves are interchangeable. You can order more shelves or extra rods if you ever needed to. You can even add drawers to an existing Classy Closets design! When things are that convenient, you are more likely to reach your goal of being more organized.

White Master Closet by Classy Closets Utah

Accessories to help keep you organized

We have a lot of fun ways to keep you organized with accessories! We have accessories for closets, laundry rooms, kitchens, craft rooms, and garages.


Valet rods are perfect for hanging up the next day’s outfit. Saving you time in the morning and save you from the mess of thrown around clothes. Perfect for families with kids. Hang up their outfit for them, and they won’t be late for school because they couldn’t find anything to wear! These are also great to hang up purses and your dry cleaning.

Adjustable Shelf Accessories
Adjustable Shelf Accessories

Our other accessories include belt racks, scarf racks, tie racks, and much more! We have a slide out and permanent options available. The belt and tie racks can also be used to hang necklaces. Our accessories come in a variety of finishes and are installable in existing closets.

Pants Hanger


Garages can become a dumping ground for heavy and bulky items. We have solutions to help keep even the most difficult areas in your home organized. Omni tracks are great and can support heavy items, including bikes. We also have peg boards that help keep your tools organized, so they don’t go missing. You can also store tools using the Omni Track system.

Omni Track Hose Cord
Classic White Workbench

How can we make working with us even neater?

Classy Closets has a few promotions that we extend all year! One of these promotions is great for Client’s with a resolution to become more organized. Clients spending $3,500.00 or more on a job will receive 1 FREE hour with a professional organizer from neat METHOD. Here is a link to their website and gallery so you can have a look at what they do.

neat Method

Contact us to schedule your FREE consultation with one of our professional designers today. We look forward to the opportunity to help you keep your goal of being more organized in 2018.

Happy New Year from everyone at Classy Closets!

Cheers to YOU and the New Year!

We Want to Help You Get LIFE. ORGANIZED. ®

Call us and Order Your GIFT CERTIFICATE or Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with One of Our Design Team Today!


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