Halloween is Just Around the Corner

Time is flying this year and Halloween is just around the corner!  Halloween is a time for pumpkins, costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating.  I mean, look how fun it is to dress little kids up!


But for families that don’t have little kids, it’s completely different. I’m sure every family has their own way of celebrating Halloween. Maybe your favorite thing is just kicking back and watching scary movies. Or maybe you are a thrill seeker that loves the rush of a Haunted House. There are lots of corn mazes in the area, maybe that’s your thing. Whatever your thrills are, it usually is centered around family and friends.

Halloween is About Family and Friends

Our family is a mixture of thrills and chills! I have kids that love to be scared to the bone, while others enjoy a nice corn maze. As for me, my favorite thing to do around Halloween is watch ‘Hocus Pocus’ as often as I can, while being comfy in my jammies. The girls in our family also love to do crafts! This is a few crafts we did last year.

We now have one cute grand-baby in the family and we enjoy watching her carve pumpkins and dress up in a costume for trick-or-treating.


Where Do You Store Everything When Halloween is Over?

I don’t know if you have this problem around the holidays, but where do you put all the “stuff” when they’re over?  Stuff like the candy jars, the inside and outside decorations, and of course…. All the costumes.  Some of it goes in the attic, some in the garage, and some goes as far back in the kids’ closets as you can get it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place that will keep it organized and ready to go for next year? Classy Closets can help you with this challenge that so many of us have! That space could be in the garage, a storage room, or even an attic; wherever that space is, big or small, we can help you maximize its use! We specialize in custom storage solutions from adjustable shelving, that come in lots of color choices, to built-in custom cabinets and custom closets.  We can take any space, and tailor it to fit whatever you need most, whether it’s the decorations or the craft supplies, we have an expert designer that will custom design that space especially for you!   Let us help you experience the Classy Closets difference! We offer FREE in-home Consultations with a Professional Designer… so call us today to set up your appointment!

From all of us here at Classy Closets, we wish you a safe, scary, and fun Halloween!

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