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Dad’s are so hard to shop for! I never know what to get my dad… Another tie? More slippers? Gift cards… again? It is like the same old, same old, every year.

My dad always say’s “Don’t get me anything; save your money.  Just come see your old Pops!” Yeah right dad, I am 27; of course I am getting you something… and I am a little past the age of finger paintings and glued pasta art passing as a suitable gift. (Though that may be a great gag gift one year)!  Here are a few ideas to help make your dad feel important this Father’s Day!

Fun Ideas for Father’s Day Outings

  1. Food! Cook him his favorite meal or take him out to dinner at his favorite restaurant. Every dad would love a dinner out with their kids. Show them how much you love him by buying him a nice dinner.  Best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right?
  1. Races Anyone? Take him to a race track. Watch the races (Drag, Oval or Motorcross) at Rocky Mountain Raceways, or even better…Rent a Race Car for him to race around in and blow off some steam, or just feel the power!
Utah Motor Campus

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  1. Take Flight! Give him a tandem flight or flying lessons. Most men loved airplanes when they were little; help them connect with their inner child again by being free as a bird! They can try out piloting a plane, para-gliding, para-sailing, bungee jumping or even the rides at Lagoon or flying down the slides at the local water park. And it’s all even more fun if you go with him !

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  1. Take him out to the ballgame… buy him some peanuts and crackerjacks, he won’t care if he ever goes back! Get him tickets to see the Salt Lake Bees or REAL Soccer! Most dads love sports so it’s an easy way to make them happy and keep them entertained.

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  1. Make Dad Laugh! Take him to a comedy club.  I recently went to Wise Guys Comedy Club in downtown Salt Lake and it was hilarious.  It was a nice change of pace from going to see a movie.  Or there’s the Desert Start Playhouse in Murray which produces spoofs like: Indiana Bones, Captain American Fork and Wicked-er. You can bond with your dad over drinks, dinner, and some laughs.

Gift Ideas for Dad

What kind of hobbies does your dad have?  I suggest you stick with gift ideas that go with his hobby; the gift will be more sentimental… as well as practical.  My little brother has a different approach to buying gifts. He likes to get people (especially dad),  gifts that he can one day borrow. It is genius really. Why did my brother get all the brains?!!… So, Josh always sticks to getting dad some sort of tool that will be benefitting him shortly after.

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Does your dad love to Grill? Replace some of his older grilling accessories. Does he like to relax and read? What about a Tom Clancy book he hasn’t read yet with some heated slippers?  Is he a fisherman? If so, does he need a new fishing reel or fly rod? What about a fishing license? If he is a coffee drinker does he have an iced coffee maker or one of the handy new Keurigs? Perfect for summer and Mom will love it too!  Does your dad have an abundance of facial hair that he wants to keep better maintained? Maybe a new men’s grooming kit is just what he needs… or a membership to the Beard Club for Men?

There are a lot of gift baskets that make it quick and easy to pick up something special for your dad. We found these great gift ideas & baskets on the GiftTree.com site!  And even better… give him a gift basket full of tools and slip in a Gift Certificate from Classy Closets for the workbench to go with them!  Yeah!  Now that’s something to get excited about!

Home Improvement for Father’s Day

White Garage Cabinets with Matte Black Legs
Graphite Spectrum Garage with Pegboard
White Garage Cabinets with Matte Black Legs 2

What dad isn’t constantly focused on Home Improvement? Maybe this Father’s Day a work bench for Dad would be perfect gift so he has a space to work on more of his DIY projects. Classy Closets offers Gift Certificates to give him this Father’s Day!  Easy as Pie!  Then after Father’s Day he can call and schedule an appointment with one of our Professional Design experts and can tell them exactly what he wants and they will create it!  If you can Dream it; We can Build it!

Make Your Dad’s Life Happier and More Organized!

Omni Track Tools Accessories
Omni Track Sports Accessories

Give Dad the perfect gift!  A workbench and/or an organized Garage that is custom designed and installed by our professionals at Classy Closets!  And for a Limited Time… we have a promotion on our Omni Tracks. These are great to help keep any work space organized. Your dad would love this gift for years to come!

Contact us at Classy closets to purchase a Gift Certificate for Father’s Day and to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our Professional Designers today!


Wishing all Dads a very happy Father’s Day! May your day be as awesome as you are!

We help you get your LIFE. ORGANIZED. ®

Call us and Order Your GIFT CERTIFICATE and/or Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with One of Our Design Team Today!

P.S.  A special message to my dad… I love you so much Dad! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful father. It has meant so much seeing how well you treat Mom, and what a great parent you are to Josh and me. You always listened to me and were always there to talk about life. I miss riding horses with you on Sundays. I am so proud of the things you have accomplished for our family and I am grateful for all the wonderful memories.

Love you Dad!  Happy Father’s day!  -Scooterbug

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