4th of July Party Decoration Ideas

By Brittany Washburn

Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Making Inexpensive Party Decorations

I LOVE holidays! I always have. But over the last few years, I have been living in all sorts of different arrangements. Over the past 5 years I have lived in another country, lived in 6 different apartments, and moved almost every 6 months.

Moving so often and living in small apartments with different roommates made it hard for me to really get into the holiday spirit. I wasn’t able to decorate my limited space and keep what I made, or bought, because I had no storage space. But this year has been a year of change for me. My husband and I just recently bought our first house! We have plenty of space to decorate and store the decorations now. So this year, I’m going all out! I get to start with the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July, or Independence Day, is a holiday of freedom. We are celebrating the day that our country signed the Declaration of Independence and our country became an independent nation. Did you know that we didn’t start celebrating Independence Day until 1870 when it became an official holiday? That’s almost 100 years from when the Declaration of Independence was originally signed. That’s crazy! And since it became an official holiday, it has gotten bigger and bigger. There are parades, fireworks, parties, people dressed in patriotic clothing such as flags (or anything red, white, and blue), picnics, BBQ’s, and so much more!

There are so many cute crafts that I can make to create a unique and fun way to decorate my house to celebrate this amazing holiday. Here are the 3 decorations I am using for decorating for my first Fourth of July in my own home!

Patriotic Wreaths

patriotic clothespin wreath

Clothespins Wreath

There are a lot of places that you can buy wreaths already made. You can also go online and find ideas for wreaths other people have made themselves. I found some very simple wreaths that only need a few supplies and it won’t take you very long to make. The first wreath uses an 18 inch wire floral wreath, 6 red bandanas, 6 white bandanas, 6 blue bandanas, and some stars. You can find all these supplies at a Dollar Store or at Walmart. You simply cut the bandanas in half before tying them onto the wreath. Tip: mix some glue with hot water and apply it to the finished product to help keep the bandanas from drooping. How cute is that!

Another wreath that is really easy to make is a clothespin wreath. This is also a really easy wreath to make and you can find your supplies at a Dollar Store or Walmart. You will need: a wire wreath frame, wood cutout stars in a variety of sizes from 1 to 4 inches, acrylic paint in red, white, and blue, paint brush, 2 packs of clothespins, and a hot glue gun. Start by painting your clothespins and stars. Make sure to paint more red and white than blue. This is a little time consuming so I turned Netflix on and binge watched my favorite television show while painting. Once you are done and they are dry, then start to arrange the clothespins on the frame. You can arrange them however you want. Then I use the hot glue gun to glue the stars to a few blue clothespins. You can also arrange the stars however you would like. And you’re done! Super easy!

4th of July Table Centerpieces

Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

Mason Jar Centerpieces

With the 4th of July comes lots of BBQ’s and get-together’s. There are a lot of ways to make centerpieces for these events but my favorite centerpiece is using mason jars or bottles. They are so easy to decorate for any event, I even used some for my wedding reception and they turned out great! Mason jars are great for any occasion and are so easy to decorate in a million different ways. For the 4th of July, I found this cute DIY project that will give you a bunch of compliments at your BBQ. One way to use these mason jars is to take 3 of them, whatever size you would like and paint them to look like a flag. Take the first jar and paint it blue and let dry. Then take the next two jars and paint red and white stripes on them to look like the rest of the American flag. After the paint has dried, paint little white stars on the blue jar and let dry again. And you’re done! Super easy and you can use these jars as utensil holder or put sparklers, flowers, tea lights, or any other items inside of them. Here’s an example of what this would look like. Isn’t it cute?!

There are a million ways to create a unique and easy centerpiece. You can use bottles, cans, flower pots, old milk crates, candles, wood blocks, etc. Be creative with it! Send us pictures of what you come up with and we’ll share it on our Facebook page.

Fun Food Ideas for 4th of July

Meat and Cheese Platter

Meat & Cheese Platters

There are so many ways of making cute Fourth of July food as well. You can make fruit skewers with blueberries, bananas, and strawberries. You can make a veggie tray using blue colored dip, red bell peppers and grape tomatoes as the red stripes, and cauliflower and sliced cucumbers as the white stripes. The ways are unlimited! My suggestion is to make sure you have healthy food in addition to the sweet food. Every year the majority of members of my family always bring some form of dessert or treat to the family 4th of July BBQ. So come up with something that isn’t sweet. I love this idea of making a meat and cheese platter in the shape of the U.S. flag. How patriotic is that!

The fourth of July is a great family holiday and it is a great time to reflect on family and why we celebrate this holiday. Let us know what ideas you came up with for this 4th of July holiday and we’ll feature you in our next blog! Have a Happy 4th of July!

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