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Many of us have closets that have become dumping grounds, full of things we have no idea what to do with. We keep stacking, and stashing and stuffing items in every nook and cranny until every bit of free space has been buried under an avalanche of things we don’t really need.  Sound familiar?

If you’re wondering how to get rid of the clutter and get organized, but don’t know where to begin tackling such an overwhelming task, we are here to help!  Classy Closets can be the solution to all your feelings of overwhelm!  We have Professional Designers that help people just like you every day, and we’d like to share some of our Professional Designer’s Organization Tips with you!  You would be surprised at how quickly these Tips can help get rid of the clutter and put smile on your face.

How To Deal With Clutter

You have heard the saying “Everything has its place.” Below are some Organization Tips you can start with; and if you decide you want the assistance of a Professional Designer we can help with that too! Your Personal Designer is trained to take your space and turn it into exactly what you dreamed it could be.

We all want items that are easily accessed, but in a space that still remains visually appealing. There are many organization tools that make organizing a snap.  Creating a specific place for things is the first item of business.  Once you know exactly where they go, the next tip is to use the best storage accessory for each specific item.  Some of the things that help organize your clutter are: Shelving, Drawers, Baskets, Bins, Shoe Organizers, Accessory Racks for Jewelry, Scarves & Hats, Belt and Tie Racks and even hidden fold down Ironing Boards. You will be amazed at how you’ll feel when everything has a proper, organized space and all that clutter has disappeared!

How To Get Started Organizing

The first thing you need to do is go through the items you no longer need, want or use. As you are going through these items that have piled up over the years, ask yourself the following questions to help decide what is to be kept or thrown away:

  • When Was The Last Time I Used The Item?

Has it been longer than 6 months since you wore that outfit or used that item?  If so, it’s more than likely time to get rid of it. There are exceptions to the rule such as; Seasonal Items, Maternity Clothes or Tools for a certain purpose.  But saving clothes that you might want to wear again “someday,” or that you might wear again if you are that size in the future, are not a good reason to keep them endlessly.

Storing too much “stuff” drains your energy whether you realize it or not.  It also takes space in your brain thinking about it; In your emotions feeling the guilt and/or overwhelm that comes from things not dealt with; Or simply a drain on all the time you spend trying to deal with everything.

You will find it a relief to let some of it go.  So consider:  Do you plan on adding to your family again?  Do you really want to save those baby clothes, toys and books for 20 years until you have grandchildren?  Do you really think you’re going to decorate your home in pastels again anytime soon? Or, do you really need to save those tiki torches and hula skirts in case you have another Hawaiian Luau?  Does your husband need 3 hammers?  Do you really want to save all those old dishes and pots & pans for when your kids go to college?  Answer these questions to yourself honestly and allow yourself permission to set these items aside.  And if you really want to keep them, then create a space for them that is organized and out of your way so they don’t continue to steal your energy!

  • What Is This Item Worth To Me Now?

Many of us fall into a category where we save items because we may use them down the road. We need to be honest with ourselves on this. We may feel it is a waste of money to get rid of something just in case we “might” need it later.  We don’t stop to think that storing the item may cost us money, as well as time and energy.  If we end up needing a storage unit to keep all these things, a storage unit can be an expense that really adds up over time.  Even if the cost was only $50.00 a month, the cost over 5 years would be $3,000!  The reality is; you could replace everything in your storage unit with brand new items and have money left over.  You have spent all that money saving things that when the time finally comes to use them, they are dated, old and out of style. No matter what something cost when you purchased it, it won’t be worth that amount anymore.

Also, many times we store things with good intentions, but we can’t find it when we actually need it because it’s buried under all of the other things we’ve been storing “just in case.” So be honest with yourself, do you really need this item?

  • Giving To Others Can Help Ease the Guilt

Many of us hold onto things because we feel guilty if we throw them out. If an item is in clean, good condition there are many places that we can donate. Donations are a good way to help others out and feel good about passing our items on to someone who is in need.

  • Reward Yourself

We all have items that we no longer need or want.  Maybe it is something that was given to us, but we never really liked it, it doesn’t fit us any longer or our décor has changed.  By giving one thing up… we can treat ourselves to something new.  Many items we have collecting dust around our home would be a treasure that someone else would be happy to pay us for.  Then we could use the money from the sale of that item for something new.  Once you have gotten rid of something you don’t need or want, it opens up space for something you do!

A Professional Designer Can Be Your Superhero

Let us help organize and declutter your home. Classy Closets will not only help you organize the space you have, our professional designers can create a space you love to be in!  They can even design you a one-of-a-kind piece of built-in furniture designed to fit your lifestyle and décor.  It will not only be unique and beautiful…. but functional as well.   It will be something special that all who visit your home will admire and envy.

No matter what area of your home needs decluttering and organizing, our professional designers can make magic happen!  Whether it’s a simple, basic closet or a custom piece of furniture, we are here to make your life a little happier!

We help you get your LIFE. ORGANIZED. ®

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