Your Family Custom Craft Room…



Why Everyone Needs a Craft Room…

Craft rooms are a busy mom’s dream. A place that she can go to escape the chaos of the rest of the house, even if it’s for a brief time.

Imagine the scrapbook pages you could create if you had the space to do it. Being able to express your creative side is like a therapy session. It will help you relieve much of the days’ stress. You work hard, you deserve some YOU time!

Custom Craft Rooms Create More Space for More Fun and Efficiency.

Custom Craft Rooms Create More Space for More Fun and Efficiency



A good craft room will have a sturdy desk with a lot of surface space and sometimes even an island with an extra-large counter that doubles as a worktable where you can layout your project, pin and cut your patterns, or set up and use your tools.  You will also need a place to put all your supplies, a trash can and some extra storage.  You could include divided shelf space, nooks for supplies and tools, and cabinets for storage or to hide away unfinished projects until they are done and ready to show off.

A craft room is also a great place to store and hide gifts from anyone in the family. You could wrap them and hide them in a closet where the kids couldn’t reach, or that has a lock on it. Imagine not having to search for those gifts that you’ve hidden all over the house or garage, and not forgetting about where those gifts are when you need them, because you know right where they are at.

Great Ideas for Sharing Your Craft Room with the Kids

It’s your space, BUT imagine using it to entertain the kids when they are out of school. They would have everything they need at their fingertips to create their next masterpiece. In no time, you could have a new piece of art work for the fridge. Your Craft Room Worktable/Island would be a perfect place to keep the kids busy while you go start dinner (if your scissors are out of reach of course – We don’t want another bad hair bang mishap… even if the photos of the young hair dresser in the making are priceless). They will no doubt be entertained for hours while you do what you want, or need, to do… and all of the mess is contained and can be hidden behind a closed door. They could even sit at the worktable and do homework out of your way while you are setting the dinner table. The kids being contained to one room, will make pick up a breeze later, and give you more space to get things done around the rest your home.

Little-Girl-Craft-Room 1

There are Tons of Fun Ways to Customize Your Craft Room

Craft-Room-AccessoriesNow, lets talk accessories! Omni tracks make a great addition to any craft room space. Omni tracks are very sturdy, much more so than say a peg board would be. These are great to put containers on that can hold; pens, markers, scissors, colored pencils, paper clips, or anything else you can think of….. all within arms reach. Everything is easily kept organized, and it’s easy to put things back where they belong. You will be more likely to keep things clean and organized if they all have their place.

A Murphy Bed in Your Craft Room Can Make More Space for House Guests

You can also put a murphy bed in the craft room and use it as a guest room when friends or family visit. This way you don’t need to sacrifice a frequently used room in your house, or have any of the kids double up so a guest can have their room. Just pull down the Murphy bed and viola, your craft room doubles as a bedroom for the weekend.

White-Wall-Bed Displayed

Let Our Expert Designers Make Your Dream Craft Room Come True

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